About us

Mission and activities

         CNC Training Center is a reaserch and technological transfer unit who is an operational interface between academic area and industrial area. His mision is to develop COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL sector, by learning to operate the CNC machine tools and training how to program this machine tools using Computer Aided Manufacturing softwares.


Activities in the following areas


  • Reaserch in technological creativity and computer aided manufacturing applications on CNC machine tools
  • Constructive analysis for turning and milling CNC machining centers, in terms of understanding their functionality
  • Studies and testing of cutting tools, clamping and fixtures devices used on CNC machine tools
  • Improving technological processes and operations performed on CNC turning and milling machining centers


  • Improving academic technical courses and doctoral studies in operate and programming CNC machine tools
  • Stages of continuing education at all levels
  • Developing and upgrade programs for training of trainers

Technical Assistance

  • Documentation and expertise
  • Operation on CNC machine tools
  • Programming CNC machine tools
  • Manual Programming
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing

R & D infrastructure

1. A “CNC Workshop” that consists in:

  • CNC lathe SL-10
  • CNC vertical milling center in three axis MINIMILL
  • Vertical milling center in four axis VF-2 CNC
  • Vertical milling center in five axis VMXSR 42

2. A CAD/CAM laboratory equipped with 15 workstations where are installed CAD/CAM software’s like KELLER, ESPRIT, ALPHACAM.

3. A CNC simulators room, where are located CNC simulator equipments corresponding with the numerical control of the CNC machine tools from our workshop.


  • CNC machinist training
  • Upgrade machinist professional skills
  • CNC machining
  • Advanced CNC machining