2015.01.30 HTEC-OPEN HOUSE-Timișoara


  • What happened when and where

The HTEC Timisoara-Romania, the 6th HTEC in Europe who was developed in “POLITEHNICA” University of Timisoara in 2008 is a part of this great HTEC -Europe family who bring together, now in 2015, in total 87  HTEC.

We are honor to take part from this select group and thru our activities we want to remain in this ” Top Ten ” .

It was a wonderful idea to implement HTEC in Romania and me personal, with the peoples around me-the young students- we are convince about the advantages and benefits to work together.

In this idea we make this event: HTEC OPEN HOUSE TIMISOARA 2015 .

  • Who was there, what companies

We had like a guests:

– MASTERCAM -who intend to join us and to work together in our HTEC TIMISOARA

– POKOLM -a German cutting tools company,

– NC BRAIN a company from Korea with an interesting method to optimize the NC program.

Together with this technical companies was invited ABA Management a company who is specialized to write grants to obtain financing founds from European Community .

In every year from 2009, we organize here, a student’s professional competition :

” CAM with HAAS” – Computer Aided Manufacturing on our HAAS machine tools : where the students show us their abilities to make the NC program after one semester when they learn to use and practice the CAM software’s.

An now in this event, I used the opportunity to introduce them ( the best of them) in front of the industrial companies who attended, to show them who are prepare to work like a NC programmer and to demonstrate their abilities to operate the HAAS CNC machine tools .

At the event was present :

-Professors and students from four universities :

“POLITEHNICA ” University of Timisoara,

“Aurel Vlaicu ” University from Arad,

University from Hunedoara,

“POLITEHNICA ” University of Bucharest

( Total students 19 , professors 6)

– Industrial companies from west part of Romania who use HAAS machine tools, CAM software’s, cutting tools and who are interest to implement new technologies ( Total persons 34)

  • What was shown

At the event was presented one general over view about MASTERCAM with some interesting applications from automotives, aerospace, five axis and mill turn .


POKOLM presented the cutting tools, the cutting tools parameters- the same- all this was use on real applications in our HTEC location on our HAAS MILLING CENTER.

NC BRAIN presented an optimization example with the philosophy of this software.

ABA Management presented in front of the participations the new opportunities and the latest call regarding European Financing grants.

  • What was learned

We was informed about:

  1. the latest technologies from CAM- MASTERCAM
  2. How to use and to put in practice the cutting tools -POKOLM
  3. To work in an international teem :

– one company X- made the CAD – this was create by my student so :

X – “POLITEHNICA” University of Timisoara

– The DRAWING was send to ISRAEL – there was create the NC program with MASTERCAM ( this is the Y company)

– Was made the post processor for HAAS machine tools ( HAAS ARE EVERY WHERE ) so every CAM software’ s are prepare for every HAAS machine tools

-Was received back the NC program- was up load in our HAAS machine tools – was simulate first the program on our HAAS SIMULATORS

– We received the cutting tools from GERMANY ( this is the Z company ) – my students was ready to measure the cutting tools, to install and to use this cutting tools

– Was made the real application on our HAAS MACHINE TOOL –   SO WE ARE ABLE TO PUT THE DREAM IN REALITY – for all this, we send our THANKS TO HTEC because we had a good examples, HTEC guide us how to work and TO CREATE REAL VALUES !

Fur more detailes download the invitation here.